Huisman, where it all began

Many developments in modern greenhouse horticulture have their origins in the Westland. It is the largest contiguous greenhouse area in the world, where growers and suppliers inspire each other. More than 50 years ago one of those growers was Leen Huisman, a chrysanthemum grower in Maasdijk. In order to extend the growing season, he started looking for a way to influence day length.

Using cloths, Leen manages to darken the crop. It is an effective, but not yet efficient solution. The cloths have to be pulled over the crop by hand every day. His technical talent comes in handy: he develops a prototype of a screen installation, marking the beginning of Huisman as a screen supplier. After all, the technical side of horticulture appears to suit Leen better than the technical side of cultivation: Huisman is born.

First Ruud Vlottes, now Jack Vlottes

In the following years, the company grew rapidly, with De Lier as its home base. Through innovation, Huisman continuously managed to strengthen its position. In 1996 Ruud Vlottes took over the management of the company and continued to expand its activities as general manager until his unexpected death in 2020. At that time, his son Jack was also already active within Huisman. He took over the management of the company, determined to give substance to the three words that Ruud, the father, always used as his guiding principle:

Simply the best!