Innovation has been the driving force of Huisman for half a century

Innovating products, developing new products: at Huisman, we are not easily satisfied. Just look at our track record of the past few years. Many innovations that are commonplace in screening today, found their origin at Huisman. And why wouldn't they be: over half a century ago chrysanthemum grower Leen Huisman was the first in the world to develop a screen system.

Together we are stronger

We are a member of AVAG. Together with other affiliated suppliers we join forces in the field of knowledge management and innovation in horticultural technology. Our climate systems meet the highest quality standards of the HortiQ certificate, which ensures you  of the best screen solution for your greenhouse.

New: Dynamic pull wire!

The load on the pull wires of screen installations is increasing: installations are becoming larger and screens are opening and closing more and more often to create the perfect climate at any time of the day. We have developed a pull wire that is suitable for this use: Dynamic pull wire! After an extensive test period, it has been shown that Dynamic pull wire can withstand up to 10 times more screen movements and can therefore last up to 10 times longer than traditional pull wire. That makes it the ideal wire for installations with intensive screen use.

Shade-free partition (Schaduwvrije afhang®)

We did not stand still. We have kept on moving. Continued with major innovations such as the Aperture Screen, which allows growers to infinitely and flexibly control the degree of screening. We created a benchmark in the insect mesh market, with the launch of the Harmonica mesh system. And as the most recent innovation, we developed the shade-free partition system. Intended to realise multiple sections in floriculture companies without fixed sealing strips. The shade-free partition system is both light and energy proof.

The details make the difference

Much more often, innovations are less visible, but no less important. For example, because those details contribute to an optimal disruption of the screen installation. Huisman in particular is known for being the perfectionist in properly distributing the enormous forces exerted on a screen installation. Other innovations contribute to a more efficient installation. Or a better drive, with the company's own type of pulling wire that outperforms the competition in test after test.

Innovating without concessions

But wherever we innovate, we never make concessions. Maximum operational safety and a long lifespan of the installation are always the starting points for research and development. Using materials that have proven their worth in practice.

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