Horizontal screening

Horizontal screens with more IQ

Horizontal screens are the most widely used screens in greenhouse horticulture. Whether you want to save energy, vary the day length, prevent light pollution or temper solar radiation: at Huisman we have a system tailored to your needs. Advised with expertise, installed with an eye for your business operations. In other words: screens with IQ.

Safer, faster and cleaner screen insertion with ValkScreenvision

Want to spend less time inserting and replacing your screen cloths? While simultaneously minimising the risk to the crop and the installer? Huisman has the solution: ValkScreenvision, an innovative screen insertion system. The concept is as intelligent as it is simple. The screen cloth is inserted directly into the profile. Attaching the screen clips is a thing of the past, and work between the crops and at great heights is reduced to a minimum. Valkscreenvision is safer, faster and cleaner.

How it works

Thin strips are applied to the sides of the cloth or film at the factory. The screen cloth can then be inserted directly into the screen. The profile and the truss are equipped with an extraction chamber which the cloth seamlessly slides into. This goes so smoothly that you can even have a different cloth mounted per season.

The ValkScreenvision system is flexible and suitable for any type of cloth. It also does not matter what type of cloth or film you choose as a grower.

Reduce your energy bill with an energy screen

Want to consume less energy? With energy screens from Huisman you increase the insulation of your greenhouse. This can lead to substantial savings on the use of fossil fuels. Energy screens can be combined with limiting solar radiation, depending on the type of screen. This way, you create the possibility of optimising the crop conditions.

Huisman installs energy screens in both new and existing greenhouses. Our experts know better than anyone which type of cloth or which installation options are ideal for your crop.

Shading screens prevent overheating of crop and people

Summers are becoming more extreme. With a shading screen - or summer screen - the climate in summer remains optimal for the crop. The open structure of the screen creates natural ventilation, without the need to open the screen (no more pulling gaps). As a result, your employees will also enjoy working in the greenhouse more.

Shading screens prevent direct light from entering your crop. Also, a summer screen enhances the positive effect when you are spraying under high pressure. Both new and existing greenhouses can be equipped with sun protection screens. Curious about the possibilities? Our advisors will help you find the right type of screen and the most efficient installation option.

Light pollution is a thing of the past with light reduction screens

Regulations on light emissions are becoming increasingly stringent. For some time now, it has been mandatory to screen off the side walls of the greenhouse after sunset and before sunrise. In addition, during the 'pre-night', 'dark period' and 'post-night', governments make it mandatory to reduce light emission to the outside with an upper screen. Therefore, a light reduction screen is no longer a luxury, but a necessity.

Special "light reduction screens" block the light and allow as much heat to pass through as possible. You can also create the desired light shield by placing two screens underneath each other, making optimum use of the ventilation possibilities. New or existing greenhouse: Huisman installs it. Preceded by reliable advice on the possibilities for your situation. Because reducing light nuisance is always a custom job.

Determine the day length yourself: with blackout screens

Want to control day length for your crop? Do it with a blackout screen from Huisman. This means you are no longer dependent on the sunlight on the outside of the greenhouse. The installation of a blackout screen is a delicate operation. It requires a great deal of expertise from an installer to avoid even the smallest gaps. With years of experience in the installation of blackout screens, we are that expert at Huisman.

Blackout screens have another advantage: lower energy consumption in the greenhouse, due to the high insulating properties of the screen.

CombiMatic®, Huisman's unique two-in-one screen

If you want to have an additional screen installed in your greenhouse, there are several ways to do so. For example, opposite each other, on the same wire frame. But you can do it even smarter: with CombiMatic®, Huisman's fully automatic 'two-in-one screen'. In the CombiMatic® system, the screen cloths run one behind the other. The advantage: you can switch seamlessly from one screen cloth to another. And because screens run one behind the other, there are other advantages:

  • There is no need to adjust the greenhouse.
  • You create light gain because the screen packs of both canvases are located on one side of the lattice truss.
  • Seamless switching from one screen to another improves the greenhouse climate.
  • Purchasing an additional screen becomes a lot more financially attractive.

CombiMatic® by Huisman can be used in new and existing greenhouses in combination with pull-push systems and wire systems. Would you rather have screens opposite each other, on one wire frame? In order to reduce the loss of light from the extra screen package to a minimum, the screens can be lowered. In other words, the plastic wire frame sits slightly lower than usual, making use of the space under the lattice beam.

Multiple screens allow for more functionality

There are several ways to mount additional or multiple screen installations in the greenhouse. You can also have multiple installations mounted on the same wire frame as the existing installation. This way, you have an additional screen at your disposal for a modest additional investment - and thus more possibilities for controlling the climate.

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