Insect mesh

Insect mesh for Venlo greenhouses

Crop protection can also be done very simply: by equipping the greenhouse with insect mesh. This keeps intruders out and you keep useful insects in the greenhouse. Huisman has developed its own system, specifically for use in Venlo greenhouses. The Harmonica system is a prefabricated mesh system that folds open like a harmonica when the window opens and folds closed when the window closes.

The mesh cassettes are mounted from the outside. Due to the clever construction, the mesh always folds in the right place, which greatly extends its lifespan. The system is made in the factory and can be installed quickly and easily in new and existing greenhouses.

The benefits of the Harmonica mesh system for Venlo greenhouses:

  • Prefabricated system equipped with aluminum structural components
  • Uniform quality due to production under controlled conditions
  • Fast installation time at the cultivation company
  • Self-assembly by growers own staff also possible
  • Long life: 8-15 years depending on the application.
  • Applicable to all different greenhouse roof types
  • Installation from the outside, so no interference with your primary process
  • Easy to clean

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