Screening for Garden Centers

Improve greenhouse climate and increase atmosphere with screening

Just as in a production greenhouse, screens fulfil an important function in garden centres in maintaining the right climate. But with screens you can also give the experience at the point of sale a considerable boost. Fabrics in different shades create the opportunity to accentuate a season. Or to give the December atmosphere even more impact. Ask Huisman: we are regulars at garden centres, both domestically and abroad.

Compared to that production greenhouse, there are also differences, for instance in greenhouse types. Depending on your greenhouse, we always create a custom screen system. Equipped with the fabric that best suits your needs. During installation, we take into account that 'sales must continue'. We therefore proceed with the necessary caution. And because looks also matter, we finish the installation with an eye for detail.

We are also available for maintenance, such as replacing a screen that is outdated or dirty. In consultation with you, we determine a time when the shopping public will experience virtually no inconvenience from our activities.

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