Service and maintenance

Quick service, scheduled maintenance: so that screens keep working

Of course, we at Huisman guarantee optimum product quality. But screens with many moving parts can sometimes malfunction. Good maintenance prevents many problems in practice, because we unconditionally guarantee that our installations will work without issue for many years. You can also count on us for service and maintenance.

Opt for annual maintenance

Screens have a tough time. The forces that are exerted on a system are great. For optimal use of the systems, it is recommended to have them checked annually. More and more growers are discovering the benefits of this.

Our technicians carry out this maintenance with great attention to detail. Not only do they check all the vital parts of your screen system; we also immediately carry out minor repairs. If we detect a larger issue, we will consult with you about the usefulness and necessity of the repair.

Periodic maintenance ensures that your screen system works at the right time. Proper maintenance also extends the life of these systems. So contact the maintenance department today to discuss the possibilities: phone +31 (0)6 10 30 53 90 or e-mail.

Fast service, because screening can't wait.

For an optimal greenhouse climate, every detail counts. Especially a screen system that functions perfectly. And what if one day it just doesn't work? Then Huisman's own service department is at your disposal. Seven days a week, 24 hours a day, even during vacations. Our service technicians are familiar with any type of system. In their service vans, they have almost everything at their disposal to quickly remedy any malfunction.

Does it turn out to be a larger issue? Then it is good to know that Huisman always has a large number of spare parts in stock. And by making good arrangements with suppliers, we can quickly obtain replacement parts as well. The result: a screen installation that functions quickly again, to control your greenhouse climate perfectly. We go the extra mile in our service. Even if you have not had your system installed by Huisman.


Remote service for international clients

Service is also assured outside the Netherlands. In many cases, a possible disruption can be solved over the phone. Is there a part that needs to be replaced? From our well-stocked warehouse, parts are shipped to destinations worldwide immediately.

Direct contact with our specialists.

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