Deliflor Hoogveld
Gameren, Netherlands

Complete new construction project with a double screen installation, twin roller facades and insect screen

Deliflor Hoogveld

City: Gameren, Netherlands
Cultivation: Chrysanthemum rooting company
Surface: 30.000 m2

About this project

A greenhouse with floors! In the new construction project of Deliflor Hoogveld, we were able to provide the top floor of the greenhouse with a light reduction screen installation and energy screen. On the bottom floor, the chrysanthemum cuttings are rooted in a 3-layer cultivation under full LED and without daylight. In the final phase of rooting on the top floor, it is therefore extra important that the cuttings receive sufficient daylight. The clear energy screen ensures optimal transmission of daylight and retains heat in the greenhouse, saving energy on heating. The lighting installation also ensures that the LED light does not radiate outside at night. The perfect shading combination for this special greenhouse!

In addition to these screens, we have also fitted all ventilation windows with insect mesh, so that no unwanted insects can fly in and the biological control agents remain in the greenhouse. In this way, the use of pesticides can be limited to a minimum, which in turn contributes to the most sustainable cultivation possible.

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